St. Mary's County Metropolitan Commission
Potable Water Distribution & Waste Water Treatment
MetCom's main office, the 'Larry K. Petty' building.

MetCom was created by the State Legislature in 1957 as a quasi - governmental,  non profit body, to supply water and sewer service to St. Mary's  County. Located in scenic Southern Maryland, MetCom has been providing service since 1964.

This site was created to help our customers more easily interface with us using on line technology, in addition to educating new customers.

We are committed to providing quality, reliable services to St. Mary's County. Our staff takes great pride in providing outstanding customer service while maintaining very high standards of environmental compliance and resource management.

MetCom is governed by a board of Commissioners consisting of seven voting members, and one non voting member. Voting members represent Election Districts and are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to serve three year staggered terms.

Mission Statement

To construct, operate and maintain public water supply and public waste water conveyance and treatment systems in a manner that is sustainable, reliable, economical and safe for the Commission's employees, the environment and the citizens of St. Mary's County; and to ensure that construction is timely and in accordance with the St. Mary's County Comprehensive (Land Use) Plan.

Community Participation

You are invited to participate in our Commission meetings and voice your concerns about your drinking water. Meetings are held on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of every month at 3:00 PM at St. Mary's County Metropolitan Commission located at 23121 Camden Way, California, Maryland 20619. The Commission Members and the Election Districts (ED) they represent are as follows:  [Click name for bio]

Alice Gaskin
Charles Passagno Jr
Mike Mummaugh
Richard Mueller
David DeMauro
Robert A  Russell
Steven Willing
Dan Ichniowski
Capt Ben Shevchuk

ED 1
ED 2/9
ED 3
ED 4/5
ED 6
ED 7
ED 8


Voting Member
Voting Member
Voting Member
Voting Member
Vice Chairman
Voting Member
MetCom's Director

Historic St. Mary's County
Historical 'Piney Point Lighthouse' in St. Mary's County.

In the year 1634, a group of voyagers left their homes in England in pursuit of a new land. They landed on St. Clement's Island in the Potomac River with a prayer of thanks for their safe journey. It was here that these adventurers took possession of the colony and the first Roman Catholic Mass in the English speaking colonies was offered.

Customer Alerts - Update 9/23
This item recently updated! 9/23/14 - Commission Meeting Agenda Posted - Click HERE to read latest announcements...

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