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Old MetCom Design Manual

You may utilize MetCom's Old Design Manual if your project meets MetCom's Transitional (Grandfathering) Provisions; click here to determine whether your project meets the criteria.

MetCom's Old Design Manual, Technical Specifications & Standards for Construction Details (Design Manual) below is broken down into Sections in order that the entire content or specific portions can be downloaded as required.

The Design Manual is also available for download as one individual download. 

NOTE: Many of the forms and applications found, or linked to, on this site require Adobe Reader to open and print as they are in .PDF format. Click on the graphic below to download the latest Adobe Reader.

Old Design Manual (Amended 8/9/2010) - Full Download

Old Design Manual (Amended 8/9/2010)

TOC Table of Contents


Chapter 1 General Information


Chapter 2 Water Main Design


Chapter 3 Water Pumping Stations, Well Houses & Water Tower Design


Chapter 4 Sewer Main Design


Chapter 5 Wastewater Pumping Station Design

Old Appendix (updated 2018)

Table of Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs)


Review Checklist


Public Works Agreement (effective 07/01/2018)


Construction Permit (revised 9/05/2017)


As-Built Requirements


Project Closeout Procedure


Procedures for Changes to Specifications


Standard Cost Tables for Engineer Estimates PDF


Solar Battery Backup Specification


List of Approved Materials & Manufacturers

Old Standard Construction Details - General


G-1 Buttresses for Tees


G-2 Buttresses for Caps and Horizontal Bends


G-3 Buttresses for Vertical Bends


G-4 Anchorages for Vertical Bends


G-5 Witness Post


G-6 Typical Bedding and Backfill for Pipes and Appurtenances


G-7 Casing Assembly Using Prefabricated Pipe Supports


G-8 Steel Sleeve Under Roadway Field Manufactured Supports


G-9 Method of Cutting and Repairing Bituminous Driveways


G-9A Typical Repair of Bituminous Surfaces


G-10 Typical Pipe Anchor, Pipes 6” through 12”


G-11 Typical Method for Strapping Valve or Appurtenance to Main


G-12 Method of Cutting and Repairing Concrete Driveways


G-13 Fitting Anchor


G-14 Blank


G-15 Blank


G-16 Blank


G-17 Typical Concrete Encasement, Concrete Cradle


G-18 Marker Stakes for Manholes, Valve Boxes, Cleanouts and other Appurtenances


G-19 Typical Chain Link Fence, 8 ft. Height


G-20 Typical Chain Link Gate, 8 ft. Height


G-21 Typical Chain Link Fence, 8 ft. Height


G-22 Typical Chain Link Gate, 8 ft. Height


G-23 Typical Service Entrance and Parking

G-24 Typical Station Address Sign


G-25 Typical Fence Abutting Driveway


G-26 Typical Tapping Sleeve and Valve

Old Standard Construction Details - Water (updated 2011)

W-1 Fire Hydrant Setting


W-2 In-Line Water Valve Setting


W-3 Mainguard® Blow-off Hydrant


W-4A Typical Installation of Single Meter Setting for Domestic Use Without Sprinklers (updated 5/11/2011)


W-4B Typical Installation of Single Meter Setting for Domestic Use With Sprinklers (updated 5/11/2011)


W-5 Typical Installation of Twin Meter Setting for Domestic Use (updated 5/11/2011)


W-6 Typical Meter Setting, Meters 1 ½” and 2” (updated 5/11/2011)


W-7 Blank


W-8 Standard Frames and Covers for Water Meters and Valve Vaults (updated 5/11/2011)


W-9 Water Service Connection, 1 1/4", 1 ½”, 2” Setting (updated 5/11/2011)


W-10 Typical Installation of Radio Read Meter MIU and Antenna (updated 7/20/2011)


W-11 Typical Installation and Wiring of MIU to ECR Register (updated 7/20/2011)


W-12 Blank


W-13 Shared Domestic Supply and Sprinkler Connection (updated 5/11/2011)


W-14 Blank


W-15 Post Indicator Valve

Old Standard Construction Details - Typical Potable Water Pumping Station

WP-1 Typical Water Pumping Station Pumping to System or Tower


WP-2 Typical Water Pumping Station Pumping to System or Tower Section A-A

Old Standard Construction Details - Gravity Sewer

S-1 Shallow Manhole


S-2 Standard Precast Line Manhole


S-3 Inside Drop for Existing Manhole


S-4 Drop Manhole for New Construction


S-5 Manhole Built Over Existing Sewer Main


S-6 Manhole Channels


S-7 Standard Heavy Traffic Manhole Frame and Cover


S-8 Watertight Manhole Frame and Cover


S-9 Blank


S-10 Sewer Service Connection, Single Setting


S-11 Sewer Service Connection, Twin Setting


S-12 Deep Sewer Service Connections


S-13 Smooth PVC Gasketed Tee Pipe Saddle for Sewer Mains up to 12”


S-14 Smooth PVC Gasketed Wye Pipe Saddle for Sewer Mains up to 12"


S-15 Connection to Large Diameter Sewer


S-16 Single Service Connection to Existing Large Diameter Sewer


S-17 Cleanout Cap


S-18 Standard Cleanout Cover


S-19 Sewer Manhole Abandonment


S-20 Sewer Main Abandonment at Manhole


S-21 Manhole Vacuum Testing

Old Standard Construction Details - Low Pressure Sewer (updated 2014)

P-1 Low Pressure Sewer Service Connection Assembly


P-2 Low Pressure Sewer Service Connection Assembly, Wet Tap


P-3 Low Pressure Sewer Detail, In-Line Cleanout Flushing Connection


P-4 Low Pressure Sewer Detail, In-Line Flushing Connection in Traffic Areas, Sewer less than 4"


P-5 Low Pressure Sewer Detail, Terminal Cleanout Flushing Connection


P-6 Low Pressure Sewer Detail, Terminal Flushing Connection in Traffic Areas, Sewer less than 4"


P-7 Low Pressure Sewer Detail, Valve Box Setting 3” and Smaller


P-8 Low Pressure Sewer Detail, Air Relief / Vacuum Valve Setting


P-9 Low Pressure Sewer Detail, Grinder Pump Typical Installation (updated 7/31/2014)


P-9A Low Pressure Sewer Detail, Duplex Grinder Pump Typical Installation (updated 8/18/2014)


P-10 Low Pressure Sewer Connection to New or Existing Gravity Sewer Service


P-11 Low Pressure Sewer Connection to Existing Gravity Manhole


P-12 Type “A” Transition Manhole Force Main to Gravity Sewer


P-13 Type “B” Transition Manhole Force Main to Gravity Sewer

Old Standard Construction Details - Typical Wastewater Pumping Station

PS-1 Typical Plan for Conventional Wastewater Pumping Station


PS-2 Wastewater Pumping Station Wet Well and Dry Well Plan


PS-3 Wastewater Pumping Station Wet Well and Dry Well Plan Section A-A


PS-4 Wastewater Pumping Station Site Plan


PS-5 Typical Plan for Suction Lift and Submersible Wastewater Pumping Stations


PS-6 Submersible Wastewater Pumping Stations Sections B-B


PS-7 Suction Lift Wastewater Wet Well Plan


PS-8 Suction Lift Wastewater Wet Well Section C-C


PS-9 Typical Site Plan for Suction Lift and Submersible Wastewater Pump Station


PS-10 Submersible Wastewater Pumping Station Wet Well and Valve Vault


PS-11 Submersible Wastewater Pumping Station Wet Well and Valve Vault Section D-D


PS-12 Submersible Wastewater Pumping Station Site Plan


PS-13 Typical Plan for Package Wastewater Pumping Station


PS-14 Package Wastewater Pumping Station Wet Well and Dry Well Plan


PS-15 Package Wastewater Pumping Station Wet Well and Dry Well Plan Section E-E


PS-16 Package Wastewater Pumping Station Site Plan

Old Technical Specifications

Section No.     Title


02012 Test Pits


02050 Removal or Abandonment of Existing Facilities


02110 Clearing and Grubbing


02240 Aggregate Backfill


02250 Trench Excavation, Backfill and Compaction


02300 Boring and/or Jacking Pipe

02310 Directional Boring of Pressure Sewer, Water Mains and Gravity Sewers


02400 Tunneling


02512 Dewatering


02551 Water Main Installation and Chlorination


02552 Water Valves and Appurtenances


02553 Water Services, Water Meter Settings and Vaults


02554 Fire Hydrants


02555 Production Wells


02561 Gravity Sanitary Sewer and House Connections


02562 Sanitary Sewer Manholes


02563 Sanitary Sewer Force Mains


02565 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation


02566 Low Pressure Sewer Systems


02800 Restoration


02820 Turf Establishment


02830 Sodding


02850 Soil Stabilization Matting


02870 Fences


03200 Concrete Reinforcement


03300 Cast-in-Place Concrete


03400 Precast Concrete Utility Structures


03500 Flowable Fly Ash


04100 Mortar


04200 Brick Masonry


05500 Miscellaneous Metals


11307 Sewage Grinder Pumping Units

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