Piney Point Water System Replacement


Project Description                                                                                                                                                  


The Piney Point Water System Replacement is a MetCom Capital project for replacing and upgrading the public water system within and around Piney Point Subdivision.  The project area includes water mains along MD249 (Piney Point Road), Lighthouse Road, Stark Drive, Bloch Avenue, Leahy Drive, Larimer Street and Furlong Road. The work includes providing new water mains, water house connections, and fire hydrants. 


Project Schedule                                                                                                                                                       


The Contractor mobilized March 1, 2018, and the project is due for completion within 365 days. Water Mains, Fire Hydrants and Service Connections will be installed in the below, dated order.


Dates are estimated, weather permitting:


Street Name                               Water Main Installation                        Water Service Installation


 Start              Complete                            TO BE DETERMINED


Stark Drive                                  April 15          April 30

Furlong Road                              May 3            May 7


Leahy Drive                                 May 7            May 10


Bloch Avenue                              May 10          May 15

Larimer Street                              May 15          May 17


Lighthouse Road                         June 3           June 10

Piney Point Road                         June 10         June 24


Testing / Tie-Ins                           July 1             July 8


House Connections                    June 3           July 15


Clean Up                                      July 15           July 30



Water outages along with lane or road closures can be expected.                                                               

Temporary steel plates may be necessary.                                                                                 

Repairs to pavements and Restoration of green spaces will be performed concurrently. 


For reference, a map of the work areas is shown below.


All work will occur during daylight hours and scheduled outages will generally occur between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.  All scheduled outages will be planned; MetCom and the contractor will post notices of the affected areas 24 hours in advance of all outage(s).


Please be aware excavations near the existing water mains may cause sections to burst.  Unscheduled outages are necessary in order to make repairs.


The General Public is advised large construction equipment will be engaged throughout the project. Pedestrians and parents / guardians of children are reminded to remain clear of all work crews. 


St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission thanks you for your patience during this construction period. The results of this project will enable MetCom to provide better services and added fire protection.  Please contact MetCom at (301) 737-7400 or should you have any questions.                       

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