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Hollywood Water Systems Connector

Background – Hollywood Water Systems Connector and Phase 2 Replacement

The Hollywood Water Systems Connector will create a loop between the Hollywood Water Tower, the water line along Mervell Dean Rd and the water line currently serving the Broad Creek neighborhood with new 12-inch PVC water piping. The existing water main crossing Three Notch Rd at the Dean Home Supply Building and extending along Mervell Dean Rd will be replaced with 12-inch PVC as the existing pipes are undersized and reaching the end of their useful life. The extension and replacement will allow for increased fire flow with new hydrants installed throughout and will provide more reliable service and redundancy in supply for the entirety of the system.

Project Scope of Work

The project will extend approximately 2,950 feet of new 12-inch water main along Three Notch Rd between the Hollywood water tower and St. Johns Rd. Additionally, approximately 1,250 feet of existing water main will be replaced with new 12-inch water main crossing under Three Notch Rd at the Dean Home Supply Building and along Three Notch Rd.

Customer Impact


Residents in the area should expect minimal traffic impacts. Please speak with our on-site construction inspector or call the project manager below with any traffic concerns. 

Water Service:

Residents in the area should expect minimal interruptions to water service during construction. The contractor is instructed to alert all residents and must obtain METCOM approval before disrupting water service to customers.

Sewer Service:

This area is not connected to public sewer and the project will have no impact on the public sanitary system.




Design contract was awarded to WRA consulting firm in June 2022.



Construction is anticipated to begin in the Spring of 2024 and will end approximately in the Spring of 2025.

Public Notices

Public Meeting:


A public meeting will be scheduled for April 2024

Project Location

Hollywood Water Systems Connector Project Location.png

Project Contacts

Anna Wells – MetCom Project Manager: 301-737-7400 x 303

(Please email any questions or concerns to

Ronald Delahay – MetCom On-site Representative: 240-298-0074 

Chris Soussanin – MetCom Chief of Construction: 301-737-7400 x 311

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