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Town Creek Water Main Replacement Phase 5


With phases 1 and 2 now completed, this Project will be the next phase designed and built, as a part of the multi-phase Town Creek Water System Replacement project. Phase 5 will precede phases 3 & 4 in order to address areas of higher maintenance and repair history. The Town Creek Water System was originally built in the 1950s as a stand-alone water system. MetCom subsequently assumed ownership and operation of these water mains and incorporated them into the greater Lexington Park Water System. The undersized water mains do not meet current MetCom specifications, are over 60 years old, and are reaching the end of their useful life (approximately 70 years for cement lined pipe). The distribution system in Town Creek currently serves approximately 360 customers

Project Scope of Work

This Project will replace existing water mains ranging in size from 2 to 4 inches in diameter, consisting of various materials and located on both public and private property. New 8-inch diameter (PVC) watermains will be installed within the public road right of way.  The limits of Phase 5 design extend from Town Creek Elementary School to the end of Town Creek Drive, the entirety of East Sunrise Drive, River Hill Road, and River Road.  (see the above Town Creek Phases exhibit). Construction for a portion of the design (see Phase 4/5 above) will be budget dependent.

Customer Impact


Residents in the area should expect occasional traffic impacts. Please speak with our on-site construction inspector or call the project manager below with any traffic concerns. 

Water Service:

Residents in the area should expect minimal interruptions to water service during construction. The contractor is instructed to alert all residents and must obtain METCOM approval before disrupting water service to customers.

Sewer Service:

The area is not currently served by public sewer.




Phase 5 Design contract was awarded to Dewberry Engineers on November 16, 2023.



Phase 5 Construction is expected to begin late summer 2025.

Next Phase:


Phase 4 design is expected to begin in the summer of 2025.

Public Notices

Public Meeting:


Public Notices were sent out to the residents in January 2024. A public meeting for this phase has not yet been scheduled.

Project Location

Town Creek PH5 Base map.png

Project Contacts

Joshua Woodburn – METCOM Project Manager: (301) 737 – 7400 x 307

(Please email any questions or concerns to

Ronald Delahay – METCOM On-site Representative: (240) 298 – 0074 

Chris Soussanin – METCOM Chief of Construction: (301) 737 – 7400 x 311

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